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Puremed Vet | Professional Tissue Regeneration based on pure biology

for veterinarians across medical & surgical disciplines

Innovative: We are a Danish founded company representing some of the most innovative companies within tissue regeneration solutions on the Nordic market. Our solutions are securing better post-operative healing and pain management for patients and veterinarians at lower cost and based on pure biology.

PRF: We are providing smart blood concentration solutions of Platelet Rich Fibrin giving access to the patients healing potential in a fast and easy way with multiple areas of application, all focused on faster healing, less infection risk, and less pain.

ADSC´s: We are helping veterinarians to include ADSC´s, in their regenerative work and utilize the vast amounts of stem cells stored in adipose tissue, as nanofat and concentrated SVF injections.

Dental: We have gained in-depth experience in the human dental field in areas like perio-treatments and tissue augmentations. Since 2016 we have been helping veterinarian dentist to learn from the human side, on e.g. the usage of PRF in dentistry.



Puremed Vet | Brief introduction to our main focus areas


Minimally Invasive

The red line of our offering is centered around the patient, providing solutions to utilize the biologic healing capacity in a broad spectrum of areas.

We pride our self of working with veterinarians who understand the power of biology and see minimally invasive solutions as the way forward.


Platelet Rich Fibrin

The PRF fibrin membrane is manufactured chairside based on venous blood drawn from the patient into PRF tubes. After a few minutes of spin in the centrifuge, a blood clot is turned into a fibrin membrane encapsulating white cells and platelets for slow release for more than 7 days.

The PRF membranes provide the surgeon with access to the patient’s immune system and growth factors concentrated at the surgical site stimulating the processes of the healing cascade in various ways – advancing healing.

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myStem® is the leading bedside solution for harvesting and filtering stem cells from adipose tissue in a short time. The myStem® setup utilizes the full lipoaspirate to collect stem cells and regenerative cells. The system allows surgeons to concentrate on the Stromal Vascular Fraction and do injections with a Stem Cell rich fluid component. The solid part of the lipoaspirate can be made into Nanofat.

myStem® is flexible and easy to use.

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Wound healing

The vital elements in any successful wound healing or grafting situation, is the management of the inflammation process, control of fibroblast activity and epithelialization, and the orchestration of neovascularization.

This management task can successfully be performed by using autologous cells collected from sources like the bloodstream, bone marrow, and adipose tissue.

At Puremed our wound healing portfolio is focused on

  • Blood-derived cells following the PRF protocol
  • Adipose-derived Stem cells, Point-of-Care

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Pain Management

Our portfolio of regenerative medicine solutions is today used in the treatment of both small and large animals.

They offer an easy workflow and point of care access to support pain management and wound healing.

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We started supplying PRF to veterinarians in Denmark during 2016 and have seen a growing interest in using PRF as a biological component in different dental treatments. Today we are too working with university departments on different elements and perspectives of PRF in veterinarian OA treatments and dentistry.   

We have gained our experience with PRF during the last 6 years and have a deep insight into the usage and possibilities in a dental setting. We have a wide offering and understanding of biomaterials for dental surgery and perio-treatments.

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